My Journey

The most tumultuous years of my life were as a teen. I  struggled to fit in and finally concluded that anyone who accepted me in their circle was proof enough that we were friends. One particularly frustrating evening, God had my attention and I cried out to Him to "Do something!" Shortly after that, an acquaintance showed me from his well-worn Bible that I could personally know God's plan for my 

life. My husband and I have completed nearly 40 years of career missionary service in Brazil, where my husband was born and raised. Three talented children blessed our home; one was taken in death in his teens; two have

grown into capable, hard-working adults. In recent years, I finished my BA in Management and my Masters in Human Services Counseling: Marriage & Family. And now, I have begun this exciting professional venue of coaching. My goal is to encourage women and teens to find their life

purpose, as well as, couples to improve their relationship skills. Through it all, I have come to recognize the value of my life.