Your Life Purpose
Uniquely yours
Possibly ignored & stifled
Disguised by fear & despair
Can be previewed & known
Brings hope & satisfaction
Motivates & liberates
Understanding it matters
Services that I offer
You are not alone. For guidance and encouragement start a Life Coaching partnership to help you find, understand and implement your life purpose.
                Life Purpose LaserCoachingâ„ 
                 Focused session on one topic
                 Purpose discovery and life plan
                 Life Coaching in group sessions 
                 to strengthen marriages (premarital &  

Some of the most challenging questions people ask me are "Why am I here?" "Why can't I figure this out?" "What should my focus be?" You don't need a lifetime to discover and define your purpose. We can figure this out together. I will encourage you as we walk through the process together using empathic listening, explicit questions, insightful clarifications, and instructive exercises to activate your life purpose.