Offered Services

Being Focused on Purpose is about your growth towards fulfillment and fruition. As an experienced coach, I will guide, encourage, and empower you using a variety of proven methods and tools. Together we will look at your values, motives, and previews that point to your life purpose. Each of the following services can take a client further along this pathway. The most complete method is through Eight 50-minute conversations that have directed hundreds through a proven life-changing process.      

Developed through solid research and used internationally, this program objectively and clearly identifies the strong and weak areas in a couple's relationship. With the results from a customized questionaire taken separately and privately, the couple will be given suggestions to strengthen their relationship skills to help them improve their relationship significantly.

Life Purpose LaserCoachingsm„ (25 minutes)

Lasercoachingsm„  is a quick solution to bringing a client to a clearer understanding of where she is on the way to discovering her individual purpose in life and what might be the next step she should take towards fulfilling it.

Focused session covering one topic or as follow-up (50 minutes)

Purpose discovery & life plan (Eight 50-minute sessions)

A client will be guided on a journey to discovering her God-given purpose in life through decisive conversations. In order to conclude with action steps toward fulfillment, life events must be examined from God's perspective. At the coach's discretion and in agreement with the client, these sessions can be concentrated into an intensive package that concludes with goal-setting in the most vital areas of the client's life.

introduction to Life Coaching in Group Sessions (40 minutes)

And a threefold cord is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:11

& The Silent partner

The Coach

The Client


empathic listener

spiritually attuned




present in every session

brings words to mind



gives vision

gift and strength giver

evaluation program to strengthen marriageS




searching for purpose

learns to trust the process

looking for results

In the group setting, the coach gives women and teen girls a taste of Life Purpose Coaching®. By inviting volunteers to join her on the platform, she will demonstrate the coaching process and empathic listening.

At the coach's discretion and in agreement with the client, these sessions are meant to deal with one relevant topic. Perhaps the client needs guidance towards surrender, in dealing with anger, or to re-evaluate action steps.